A Word of Thanks

To say that 2020 was a rough year would be quite the understatement. We’ve seen the unfortunate end of many businesses and an enormous shift in the way business is going to be conducted moving forward. 2020 changed a lot; and it reminded us of something very important.

People matter more.

Operating a gas & convenience store gives you an intimate insight into people lives. They come in with a smile, sometimes a frown. Sometimes we share the most wonderful news… And of course the less fortunate news.

Little Tree Gas

We'd Like to Thank You

Truthfully, Little Tree Gas & Convenience was able to survive through these tough times thanks to you. The person who comes back to support us time and again. The worker and every day consumer that enjoys a quick pit stop, a shared smile and a little sunshine in their day. Thank you for coming back, for allowing this small local business to support its employees, friends and families during these trying times. We owe you our success.

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Remember to Buy Local

So in hopes of helping others in our position; we encourage you to buy local. Our store holds a multitude of Artisan Products that are made with care by small, local producers. Every dollar you spend with us encourages a community of Artists and producers that truly needs your help.

Thank you for shopping with Little Tree and Thank you for your continued Love, Encouragement and Support