“Fuel Up with Pride: The Power of Supporting Indigenous-Owned Gas Stations and Convenience Stores”

The Significance of Indigenous-Owned Businesses

Indigenous-owned businesses have a crucial role in any community, and the Canadian economy is no exception. It is essential to recognize and acknowledge the value and contributions that Indigenous entrepreneurs bring to the table. Overcoming systemic obstacles, stereotypes, and historical complexities is no easy feat, and the success of such businesses ought to be celebrated.

The Little Tree Gas Station and Convenience Store

In Kanehsatake, Quebec, there is a gas station and convenience store called “Little Tree,” owned by a member of the Indigenous community. The store provides products and services that cater specifically to the needs of the Indigenous community, being rooted in their heritage.

The Importance of “Little Tree”

Apart from the obvious benefits of a gas station and convenience store, Little Tree provides access to locally sourced products, making it easier for Indigenous people to support their community. This is incredibly beneficial in places like Kanehsatake, where the availability of local products can be limited.

In supporting “Little Tree,” non-Indigenous and Indigenous communities alike contribute to the growth and development of the Indigenous economy. By carrying locally made products, the store invigorates Indigenous culture and helps preserve traditions.

Benefits of Supporting Indigenous-Owned Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

It is essential to understand the benefits of supporting Indigenous-owned businesses and gas stations, especially in Canada, where the Indigenous population still faces discrimination and marginalization.

Supporting the Indigenous Economy

Indigenous-owned businesses are intertwined with the success of the Indigenous economy. By supporting their businesses, people contribute to job creation, economic sustainability, and the promotion of long-term positive change in the lives of Indigenous people.

Supporting Cultural Preservation

A crucial element of Indigenous-owned businesses is the emphasis on carrying culturally significant products that showcase Indigenous traditions and heritage. By purchasing products from these stores, non-Indigenous people can learn about different cultures and gain insights that could lead to increased understanding between people.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

Indigenous-owned businesses often follow environmentally conscious practices while running their operations. This approach is in line with traditional values and is essential in a time where protecting the environment and our planet is a matter of survival.


The significance behind Indigenous-owned businesses and gas stations like “Little Tree” cannot be emphasized enough. Supporting these businesses represents far more than just purchasing gas and snacks. It means contributing to the growth of the Indigenous economy, supporting cultural preservation, promoting environmental sustainability, and, ultimately, making a positive change. By supporting Indigenous-owned businesses, you can fuel up with pride, knowing that you are making a difference in the world.

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