“Reclaim, Respect, and Rejuvenate: How Your Patronage of Little Tree Gas Station Supports Indigenous Heritage and Strengthens Our Community”

Reclaim, Respect, and Rejuvenate: How Your Patronage of Little Tree Gas Station Supports Indigenous Heritage and Strengthens Our Community

Reclaim: Boosting Indigenous Economy

Immersed within Quebec’s stunning Kanehsatake landscape, the Indigenous-owned Little Tree Gas Station is not just a regular pit stop. It’s an opportunity to foster Indigenous self-determination through economic enterprise. When you top up your gas or pick a few items from our convenience store, you’re actively investing in and empowering the Indigenous economy.

Your patronage helps reclaim Indigenous economic autonomy and stimulate local enterprise, creating rewarding revenue streams and job opportunities within our community.

Respect: Promoting Indigenous Heritage

Alongside its fuel pumps, Little Tree presents a cultural oasis, housing a diverse array of Indigenous crafts, traditional garments, and locally-sourced products. Each of these items speaks to the longstanding traditions and vibrant Heritage our people have nurtured for centuries.

By choosing Indigenous-made products, you’re showing a deep respect for our traditions and supporting the talented hands of Indigenous artisans. You’re playing a crucial role in preserving their craft and keeping our cultural narrative alive and relevant in today’s modern world.

Rejuvenate: Strengthening Community

Beyond the immediate purchase, your support has a broader, lasting impact. With the Little Tree Gas Station, profit meets purpose. A significant portion of the station’s revenue is put back into the community, enhancing various facets of our shared social fabric, from infrastructure development to critical social support systems.

Your support helps rejuvenate our community, breathing new life into our collective livelihoods, igniting a sense of empowerment, and reinforcing a resilient Indigenous identity.


Put simply, your every act in the Little Tree Gas Station, whether it’s refuelling your car or buying a handcrafted keepsake, holds an extraordinary collective impact. It stands as a testament to your support – for our heritage, our local economy and our community as a whole. Remember, when you choose Little Tree, you’re choosing to reclaim, respect, and rejuvenate. Your actions contribute greatly to the resilience and vitality of the Indigenous community of Kanehsatake.

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