“Revving Up Indigenous Heritage: Unleash the Power of Buying from Little Tree Gas Station, an Indigenous-Owned Business”

Revving Up Indigenous Heritage: Unleash the Power of Buying from Little Tree Gas Station, an Indigenous-Owned Business

The Power of a Purchase

Situated amidst the beautiful landscape of Kanehsatake is Little Tree Gas Station, an Indigenous-owned business that transcends the conventional into a beacon of empowerment for the Indigenous community. With a simple act of refuelling your car or purchasing a snack, your contribution triggers a ripple effect across our community, stimulating economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

Artistry at Full Throttle: Displaying Indigenous Heritage

Beyond the convenience store’s counter and petrol pumps, you will find an Indigenous art market that highlights our community’s rich cultural heritage. The display of traditional apparels, crafted artifacts, and local delicacies reflect the talent of our Indigenous artisans.

By choosing these Indigenous-made goods, you acknowledge the value of these culturally significant items and directly impact the artists who create them. Your support helps vitalize and preserve our Indigenous heritage, accentuating its importance amidst the rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Fuelling Community Progress

Little Tree Gas Station stretches the reach of every dollar spent within its premises farther than one might imagine. A significant part of the profits generated streams back into the community, funding infrastructure development, enhancing educational facilities, and improving health and social services.

Your support to Little Tree does more than assist the community economically. It nurtures a sense of unity, pride, and resilience within the Indigenous community, reinforcing cultural identity and values.


Ultimately, your support to Little Tree Gas Station and the artisans we represent generates powerful momentum for our Indigenous community. Every refuel, every purchase is a step forward that helps maintain and promote Indigenous traditions and ideologies. So, as you step into Little Tree Gas Station for a refuel or to make a purchase, know that your actions are not just transactions, they’re contributions to the empowerment and upholding of our rich Indigenous heritage.

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“Revving Up Indigenous Heritage: Unleash the Power of Buying from Little Tree Gas Station, an Indigenous-Owned Business”

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